Dr. Arthur Paul retires after 35 years of service in the department

Arthur S. Paul, Ph.D.


Arthur S. Paul, Ph.D., Professor, retired from the Department of Systems and Computer Science.  Dr. Paul completed his BS in Mechanical Engineering (1972) and his MS in Urban Systems Engineering (1974) at Howard University, and his Doctorate in Systems Engineering (1981) at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.  Dr. Paul has taught courses in the departments of Mechanical Engineering, and Systems and Computer Science in the School Engineering and in the Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences in the School of Business.  Among his many courses were Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Elementary Computations, Operations Research, Statistics, Energy and Power, Introduction to Engineering, Engineering Economics and Patents and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Paul’s research interests focused on methodologies for developing and making safe and efficient use of large-scale systems such as, transportation, utility, communications, computer/information, business and management systems, throughout their life cycles, birth to death operations.  His publications with students and colleagues have been in the areas of defining and characterizing systems and live-cycle approaches to developing and operating them.  His sponsors included NASA, FAA, USGS, Army Research Laboratory, other defense agencies.


In 2010, Dr. Paul was awarded ‘Faculty of the Year’ by the Howard University Entrepreneurship and Leadership for his efforts in exposing the university community to the topics of Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship.  Dr. Paul’s services to the University include five years on the University Intellectual Property Committee, including chair of the committee for the last two years; and three years as the University’s Interim Associate Provost for Research.


"I come from a family of educators, and I consider educating the next generation to be among the most important of all human responsibilities.  Howard University provided me an educational opportunity that was both affordable and unique, and I thought that the best way to show my appreciation was to give back by 35 years of service to the University.  I have enjoyed my interactions with the youth in courses as Introduction to Engineering and Elementary Computations.  Also, I have enjoyed teaching students of different backgrounds and interests in the Engineering Economics and Patents and Entrepreneurship courses.  Finally, throughout my career, I have attempted to add value to the engineering education provided to our students by emphasizing skills such as time management, teambuilding, communications, and entrepreneurship" said Dr. Paul.